Book Review: Where Hope Prevails

I recently finished reading Where Hope Prevails by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan. I enjoyed this conclusion to the Return to Canadian West Series. It has not become my favorite by Janette Oke, but it was a fitting end to this series. To be completely honest, this series could have been fulfilled with only two books if some of the minor plot points were removed. The majority of this book, for instance, focused on some schoolroom drama that did little to drive the story forward. However, I did enjoy how the overarching story concluded, and I felt that trademark Janette Oke charm present throughout the story. Overall, a fun read for an old fan of Janette Oke, but not the series I would recommend for starting her work. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review.


Book Review: To Follow Her Heart

I recently had the opportunity to read To Follow Her Hear by Rebecca DeMarino. Unfortunately, this book was not my cup of tea, and I did not end up finishing it. I found it to be way too wordy and descriptive. The first few chapters focused on mostly domestic activities, which I frankly have no desire to read. I cannot speak to the quality of the actual story, as the descriptive narrative was too much of a road block for me as a reader. Perhaps if you enjoy a lot of detail in your world building, then give this book a try. Otherwise, you might be better off skipping this one. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review.

P.S. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how entirely awful this cover is? The gentleman on the cover looks hilariously disturbed with the maiden in his arms.